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Face to face and telehealth sessions are available

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Online Sessions

Online Sessions & Telehealth are psychological therapy services that are delivered via video conference. With the current COVID-19 crisis Solution Psychology offers telehealth and many clients are opting for online sessions.


Individual consultations to address a range of issues presenting in children, adolescents and young adults including anxiety, depression, behaviour management, autism spectrum disorder and more.


A range of assessments and reports including autism assessments and cognitive assessments. All of our assessments come with written reports and feedback sessions.


Provided by our director Melissa Juzva to current Masters students, registered psychologists undertaking the registrar program or registered psychologists seeking ongoing supervision.

School Consultation

We conduct school observations, meet with teachers, aides and leadership to provide specific strategies related to the management of our clients and assist in providing management plans that provide practical solutions for the classroom and yard.

Group Programs

We offer a range of programs including social skills programs, transition programs and school holiday programs. See our events section for our upcoming programs.


VCE Study Pack

A digital resource pack for VCE students to assist with exam preparation!

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Our solutions provide lasting, effective change for children and their families. We work with the school to support your child.

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Hi! My name is Boo and I live and work at Solution Psychology.

Meet Boo

You might see me at the clinic, on my Instagram page or around the website, so keep an eye out for me. I can be a little shy at times (that’s why they call me Boo) so I might be hiding when you arrive!

When you come to the clinic for the first time, you might feel a little shy like I do, you might feel like covering your eyes, hiding behind your mum or dad, your heart might be beating fast or you might feel a bit sick in the stomach, but I will be there to help you feel brave and calm.

I wasn’t sure what to expect when I first came to the clinic but everyone is really nice and friendly. Sometimes one of the psychologists might have a little chat with mum or dad first but while they do, there are lots of fun things to do. We have an awesome tent in the waiting room, lots of cool toys and books, and a TV. Sometimes, you might even see me reading a book or watching TV. Can you guess what my favourite book might be?

Even though my name is Boo and I can sometimes be very scared, I have also learnt lots of strategies that help me be really brave – coming here from Germany on a big plane, that was brave. I am ready to help share all my tools and strategies with you at Solution Psychology.

I wonder where I will be hiding when you come to visit?

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