Solutions Satchel


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The Solutions Satchel provides practical tools needed to support your child or student with emotional regulation.

We are increasingly faced with the challenges of supporting children who are experiencing emotional or behavioural difficulties. A Solutions Satchel contains tools to assist in teaching and managing children’s emotional and behavioural needs.

Solutions Satchel contains:

  • e-book Solutions: A How to Guide for Managing Behaviour and Emotions (included on your USB)
  • Solutions Stress Star
  • USB containing templates for data collection and charts (mood diary, solution starter, frequency tally, ABC chart, and behaviour diary)
  • Solutions for Behaviour
  • My Body Signals & Body Signal Stickers
  • Emotional Signal (to be used with body signal stickers)
  • Solutions Memory Folder
  • Solutions Worry Box
  • Solutions Diary
  • Solutions Coping Step Plan
  • STARS Problem Solver
  • Solutions Reward Chart – Home
  • Solutions Reward Chart – School
  • Solutions Reward Chart – Sleep
  • Stars Reusable Sticker Sheet (for use with rewards charts)
  • Red and Green Thinking Balloons
  • Whiteboard Marker (for use with STARS Problem Solver and Solutions Coping Step Plan)
  • Solutions Magnetic Whiteboard
  • Turtle Massager
  • Satchel to hold all the items in one handy place
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